January 22, 2011


Please add...

These suckers to my post regarding amazing calling cards:

Liv to my list of girl crushes:
(This photo is perfection)

This commercial to my post on advertisements:

These helmet, this basket and - dare I say - this horsey, to my list of biking "needs":

The following videos to my post on animals:

Dolphins are incredibly smart animals, so the fact that they devised this trick on their own and taught it to their fellow dolphins is no surprise.  Unfortunately, they're probably doing this because they are being held in captivity and are thus incredibly bored.  Can you tell that I've viewed (and loved) 'The Cove'?

This to my list of awesome online magazine offerings:
(Plus, Dominophiles should click here for some great news!)
[Business cards spotted on Black*Eiffel]
[Liv Tyler photo from La Vie Boston]
[Commercial from I Suwannee
[Rainbow bike helmet from Nutcase]
[Black bike helmet from Bern
[Bike basket from Bent Basket
[Horsey from Sub-Studio]
[Sweet Paul Magazine found here]

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