February 05, 2010

Girl Crushes

Thanks to this promo video for Vanity Fair Magazine's Young Hollywood cover shoot, I now have a thing for Emma Stone.  Though, to be fair, my "thing" is specifically directed at her voice.  It's like Lindsay Lohan's voice circa 2004.  You know, before all the cigarette smoke and illicit drug use turned her vocal cords to mush.

In other girl news, Lea Michele, who has been killing it on the Red Carpet as of late, has stolen Olivia Wilde's spot as my top fashion maven.  I mean, really, how could she not?







And here I thought all she could do was sing...

[Lea Michele photos from here]


  1. What's up with the leg thing all girls do when they pose for photographs? I agree that sometimes it is sexy, but sometimes it just looks weird.

  2. I have no idea, though it seems to be some pose that - along with the weird horrible-posture-hunched-shoulders look - is deemed appropriate for the Haute Couture crowd.

    The fashion world is strange.