May 21, 2010

Goodbye Gourmet

I came across these photos (more here) taken of Gourmet Magazine's office space as its former employees packed up their belongings and relegated what was once a bustling space overflowing with creativity,drive, and talent into nothing more than a corporate ghost town.

My former company, Hecht's Department Stores, was sold to Macy's in 2006 and this scene is all too familiar to me.  It is one of the few situations in which everyone in an organization - no matter what their position - is profoundly affected by a singular event in much the same way at the exact same time. Going through such a transition may be devastating or it may be exciting. But it is always a little bit frightening, and something that those affected will always remember.

Unfortunately, many industries are constantly plagued by the uncertainty of corporate buyouts and mass layoffs.  Many of my former coworkers at Hecht's, who relocated after accepting positions at one of Macy's buying offices, were laid off once again after their new employer consolidated its corporate locations.  Since witnessing the fall of many print giants - Domino, Modern Bride, Blender, and Teen magazines (among many others) -  last year, it's easy to see that the magazine and fashion industries have something in common.

Fortunately, you can still get your fashion and design fix... virtually, at least.  Below are two of my favorite online offerings.

Lonny Magazine
If this impeccably designed online shelter mag looks familiar, it's because it was launched by a former Domino Staffer and her photographer friend.  The "Neutral Palette" and "Into The West" spreads featured in the 3rd issue makes me sigh (in a good way) and the entire first issue is perfection.

ELIZA Magazine
Founded in 2007 by Ford model Summer Bellessa, this magazine is everything you'd expect it to be given its parentage.  Don't miss the "Jewel in the Rough", "Dance Fever!", and "Discover Austin, Texas" articles in the winter issue (issue 11).  I'm swooning.  Literally, I'm like up to my elbows in swoon.

[Gourmet Magazine scoop from Courtney at In(side) the Loop]

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  1. We are so excited to hear about your love for Lonny. Thanks so much for the support!