August 06, 2010

Into The Wild

My younger brother has always had a love of animals - and they him.  I swear, whenever he walks into a room it's like Ceasar Millan just showed up or something.  Which is why I wasn't surprised that I found these two videos through him:

Put a dress on this bear and you'd think it was my best friend,
Christen, after a few drinks at a wedding reception...

Oh, and speaking of animals, I caught wind of this video online and can't wait to annoy the heck out of Bubbles with this trick.  That is, if I can fit a balloon underneath her dangling pannus (that's medical speak for "belly").


You thought I was done?  Silly, silly you.  I wasn't going to leave without showing you my new obsession.  Brain, take note: I want a baby lamb.

[Dog commercial and dancing bear from my bro, Colin]
[Balloon Cat from Petunia Face]
[Lamb video from La Vie]

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