October 12, 2009

Fan Mail!

I would like to give a big PMK shout out to my girls Becki and Jennifer, who sent my sister a link to the site Texts From Last Night* with me and this blog in mind! You have no idea what the admiration of two foxy, intelligent women with an impeccable sense of humor (they do read my blog, after all) means to me.

The result of my Google search for "Becki and Jennifer".
See? I told you my readers were foxy!

Let me put it in perspective: My mom doesn't even read my blog anymore. That's right, MY OWN MOTHER. She blames this unfortunate situation on the fact that she's "just really busy right now." She's also at a college football game at the moment - cheering against my Alma mater, I might add - so, yeah.

This got me thinking. Maybe Becki and Jennifer would like to be my new mothers? Think about it, ladies: You could claim an extra dependent on your tax returns. Plus, I do chores and and I rarely wet the bed!

Tempting, right?

* Word on the street is that Adam Sandler's production company, Happy Madison, is slated to produce a television show based on the Texts From Last Night website. Look at me, I'm like a frigging Hollywood Insider for crying out loud!

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  1. Pegster AKA the Mom who cheers for "the other team"17 October, 2009 00:56

    Yo Momma don't read your blog, huh? Well, I made a liar out of you, girlfriend.