October 10, 2009

OR You?

My good friend, Mark, is currently attending the University of Washington's physical therapy program. I had the opportunity to visit him this past March and, in typical fashion, hilarity ensued. One of the more memorable events stemmed from my convincing Mark to bequeath me his cherished Cardinals tee-shirt. (We both attended high school near the city of Saint Louis.) It is one of those soft and well-worn articles of clothing that has been perfected via 10 years of use. Make no mistake about it, people, I wanted this tee-shirt. Which is why I was fully willing to offer my dignity in exchange for the thing.

Mark, in a moment of weakness, agreed to pass his beloved tee on under two conditions. The first being that I wear the shirt, positioned like a sash worn by beauty pageant contestants (how fitting!), as we bar-hopped throughout the city of Seattle over the course of the night.

Silly Mark, he must have confused me with someone
who understands the meaning of the term "self respect"!

Mark's second demand was that I include "The Sash", as it came to be called, in major life events. You know, take it sightseeing. Invite it to my brother's graduation. Throw the ball around with it every once in awhile. (Okay, maybe not that last one.) Sure it's weird, but I am a woman of my word.

The Sash goes to the Space Needle

The Sash celebrates the Tar Heel's 2009 NCAA Men's
Basketball Championship on Franklin Street

And now... The Sash prepares to pass gas!

But that's not all! Although it's unlikely, I realize that there may be a few people who are more interested in viewing photos of my day spent observing a CRNA in the OR than my tee-shirt (really?). Regardless of your screwed up priorities, I've included more pictures below for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Bobby, my fellow classmate, and me
as we prepared for the day's cases

Angie, our CRNA, Bobby, and myself looking
exceptionally glamorous with our "lunch lady" hair caps

* If you're interested in reading more about my experiences as an anesthesia student, your cordially invited to view my other blog (www.srnalife.blogspot.com), where you'll find this exact same post. Seriously, I just copied-and-pasted the sucker. But, given that 1) I'm awesome and 2) imitation is the highest form of flattery, it only stands to reason that my work is brilliant. Why else would someone as awesome as myself choose to plagiarize it?

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