August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mister President

Happy Birthday to a president I hope continues to make history so that I may someday get today off from work

In honor of President Obama's Birthday, I thought I'd give his Flickr photo gallery a shout out. If you haven't yet perused the Official White House Photostream, you really should take a few minutes to do so. It gives you an inside look at a world that, in the past, very few were privy to. Pictures include President Obama with his family, working in the Oval Office, attending press junkets, and conducting meetings aboard Air Force One, among others. My favorite, which I've included below, is of the Blue Angels flying over the 2009 Naval graduation ceremony. Growing up with a father in the Air Force, my siblings and I spent many an afternoon watching the Blue Angels perform and, regardless of the number of times I've witnessed their aerial acrobatics, they never cease to amaze.

Oh, I almost forgot! Speaking of President Obama, I had to re-post this, which I left me breathless with laughter...

Happy birthday, President Obama! May you always maintain your sense of humor and, if that's not in the cards, may I lose mine before the secret service catches wind of this blog...

[Click on photos for source information]

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