July 16, 2009

The Big D... As in "Douchebag"

I do not currently live in Texas, nor have I ever lived in Texas. In fact, I've never even lived remotely near Texas. But let it be known: I love me some Texas! You can't beat the food, all the men are Truck Men, and two-stepping? You haven't danced until you've two-stepped with a Texan, my friend.

If you share my feelings for the Lone Star State, prepare yourself* for what you are about to see.

I seriously want to maim this PC character, but I'll refrain. One, I'm a classy and sophisticated dame. Two, he'd probably end up in my ICU and I'd have to take care of his whiny mug. And three, given his moniker, I think the Apple corporation is doing a swell job of abusing this loser on their own.

*What this means to you: If you live in the south, calmly apply your air of superiority. If you're from Jersey, have one of your "boys" hold you back. Those of you living in Texas may want to finish off a cool and delicious Shiner Bock prior to viewing.

[Video first seen on Scented Glossy Magazines]

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