July 15, 2009

Geodes and Crystals and Gemstones, Oh My!

My current obsession? Geode necklaces. It's like wearing the Discovery Channel Store around your neck! Some of my favorites are below.

1. Bullet Casing Necklaces by Unearthen (Starting in the $300s)
2. Grey Spots Oxidized Amethyst by Stone and Honey ($80.00)
3. Rhonda by Stone and Honey ($79.00)
4. Baby Druzy Geode Amethyst by Snoozer Loser NY ($38.00)
5. Amethyst Cylinder Pendant by Snoozer Loser NY ($35.00)
6. Druzy Geode Amethyst by Snoozer Loser NY ($48.00)
7. Amethyst Slice Pendant by Snoozer Loser NY ($35.00)

[Stone and Honey noticed first on What Junebug Loves]
[Unearthen dug up from I *Heart* You]
[Snoozer Loser NY found on Unruly Things]


  1. Those bullet case necklaces are actually pretty cool. I mean, not THAT cool, but I dig those whole juxtaposition vibe.

    Did I really just type those words? I'm getting soft.

  2. I think the bullet casing necklaces are my favorite too... I gotsta show off my gun slingin' skillz!

    And yes, you are getting soft. But given that you're a trained killer by day, I kind of love that about you.