June 27, 2009

This Just In

A new study conducted by psychologist and researcher, Jonathan Schooler, found that zoning out is actually - wait for it - good for your brain. (Take that, Professor Gallia!) Unfortunately for fraternities, the benefits of this mental state do not apply when intoxicated.

The information gathered from this study is useful in a variety of settings. Parents, for example, when faced with the delicate task of explaining the dangers of alcohol use to their teenage children, can calmly inform them that drunk people are "less aware of their own minds". This won't stop the teens from drinking, of course, but parents will earn cool points for being "deep". I also invite my nulliparous readers to reference this study when your boss catches you staring at this blog, which you no doubt zone out to read religiously while at work. Explain to him or her that you're striving to improve your brain function, which will ultimately lead to heightened productivity and countless intangible contributions to the company's core business areas in the foreseeable future. Don't forget to conclude by asking for financial compensation for all the additional time you've just spent on work-related duties.

[Article originally spotted on The Awl]
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