June 28, 2009

Grade School Crush

I'm guessing that these kids are pretty good at singing since their YouTube video garnered a 5-star rating. I wouldn't know, as my cranial nerves immediately shut down after catching a glimpse of that hot, guitar-strumming music teacher* rocking some dreads and a wide-toothed grin at the 13-second mark. What irresponsible school board would allow such a man teach our innocent children the romance-inducing language of music? I, for one, am outraged and demand a parent-teacher conference immediately.

What? Can't a childless woman be a concerned parent anymore?!

*Sorry, Brain, but if you get to drone on and on about Jessica Biel, I get to highlight one of our nations finest educators from time to time. Fair is fair.

[Video featured on Cup of Joe. But I call dibs!]

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