June 05, 2009

Suit up!

Brain purchased a beautiful wool overcoat this past winter and we went back and forth on the degree of tailoring it required to best fit his athletic build. We both love the impeccably tailored suits seen on gentlemen throughout Europe and the UK, but Brain contests that he doesn't have the lanky figure needed to pull off such garments. (Take a quick tour through his thought process here.) He's right in that a slim-cut suit would not be the most flattering choice for his "Goldilocks" figure (read: not too big, not too small... just right). However, I wholeheartedly agree with Scott Schuman in that a sharply tailored suit and coat is always in style.

Fast forward a few months... There I was, just sitting on the couch a la Al Bundy, watching Singin' In The Rain when it happened. I discovered my star witness.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may I present to you Mr. Gene Kelly:

As if that's not enough, this man - err, frock - looks just as good on the way out:

Athletic build? Check. Tailored garment? Check. Looking good enough to eat? Check, check.

The prosecution rests.

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