June 07, 2009


I'll be turning the big 2-9 one week before Brain returns from his deployment. This means that the poor guy is stuck coming up with a gift from afar. This task is made infinitely more challenging by the fact that Brain is allergic to the post office as well as the realization that I myself don't even know what I want for my birthday.

I spent some time on the Internet searching for things that pique my interest in an effort to address problem numero dos. In doing so I realized that with grad school (and it's accompanying loans) on the horizon, my interests are leaning towards affordable necessities, as opposed to splurges. So, without further adieu, here are a few gifts I'd be happy to open next month, with a couple of trinkets thrown in for good measure.

A summer staple!

I realize that, with a birthday in July, I shouldn't be asking for wool gloves. But just look at these puppies! Heck, I would be excited to open these if I lived along the equator. Besides, you can't beat the price of winter gloves in the summer time.

I heart my cashmere. It's about time I act as such.

The Sound Advice Project ($25.00, including S&H)
A love note from My Favorite that I can wear forever and always? Yes, please.

A healthy means to deal with the inevitable stress of graduate school.

A nice, long belly laugh...

Because, let's face it, I'm like 28 going on 58. That and my Magic Bullet just died... R.I.P. little buddy.

(Random Fun Fact: This is the same gadget Marshall uses to liquify his breakfast in preparation for the New York City Marathon during the second season of How I Met Your Mother. It's like famous or something!!)

Finally, in the off-chance that I could possibly appear more beautiful than I do at this exact moment*, I'd like to sample the following wares from Kiehls, which the masses have been raving about FOR-E-VER.

Caviar with Stringy Band Ring by Andrea Corson ($320 plus S&H)
I don't eat caviar, but I'd be more than happy to wear some!

Of course, what I most wish for on my birthday is a big bear hug from this guy:
Best. Birthday present. Ever.
But, you know what they say - good things come to those who wait... To which I respond, I hate "they".

*Note: I am currently plopped on the couch in my hospital scrubs, with a green facial mask slathered on my face. In the words of Paris Hilton, "That's hot!"


  1. Caviar rings? White jackets? Cuisinarts? I had no idea you were so high maintenance.

  2. Army fatigues? Outdoorsy backdrop? Smouldering facial expression? I had no idea you were so good looking.

    Oh wait, yes I did. Giggle, giggle!