June 14, 2009

Error Mail

I just received my first actual, real-life letter from Brain since he left for the Middle East. Way back in January. (Yeah, when I said that my boyfriend was allergic to the post office, I meant in an anaphalactic-shock-type-of-way.) I gotta tell you, the only thing more surprising than receiving a letter from my favorite person on this crazy, screwed up planet of ours (besides NOT receiving a letter from said person for 5 whole months, of course) is opening the card and realizing that, until now, I had no idea what Brain's handwriting looked like. Just to clarify, he and I have been holding hands in public for 3 and a half years now.

(Weird, RIGHT?! Though, according to my mom, this is "typical millenial behavior". Of course, that is a typical Baby-Boomer thing to say, but I don't argue with The Pegster.)

But I digress... Back to the handwriting. Naturally, I analyzed the crap out of it. Thanks to the dedicated professionals at http://handwriting.feedbucket.com, I now have a much better understanding of the man I intend to one day coerce into signing a legally binding relationship agreement with me. Like most of his gender, his entire personality can be summed up in 5 neatly packaged take-away points. Thanks http://handwriting.feedbucket.com!

Below is Brain in a nutshell, with my italicised notes included for personal enjoyment.

1. You plan ahead and are interested in beauty (read: me), design, outward appearance (he is a man, after all), and symmetry (boobies!).

2. You are a person who thinks before acting (Riiight. Just ask him how he broke his back 2 years ago.) and are intelligent (See previous comment) and thorough.

3. You are affectionate, passionate, expressive, and future-oriented. (True, true, true, and true. I got nothin'.)

4. You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody! (Except when he's near electronics of some sort. In that case, good luck trying to extract a conversation from him.)

5. You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others. (No doubt, his best AND worst quality.)

Man, even after you take into account the fact that he's a trained killer, that Brain sure does sound like quite the catch!

I'll take two.

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