December 11, 2009

Holiday Gift Round-Up

For your best girlfriend, who knows the value of a killer accessory:

Druzy Rings by Etsy seller Petra Collection
Not only beautiful, these suckers are likely substantial
enough to assist you in any future bar fight that may arise.

For your menopausal aunt:

Dyson 10" Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan
Sure, it's pricey. But if you're smart and gift it to a family
member with no living heirs, you could see a phenomenal
return on your investment in, oh, 20-30 years time.

For the kid you babysit, who has an imagination even Steven Spielberg would envy:

Monster Hands Temporary Tattoo Set
A child's toy that doesn't involve things like "pixels" or require
12 size D batteries? That's right, folks, you saw it here first!

For your father, who excitedly announces the presence of any Blue Jays or Cardinals that happen to be in the vicinity to anyone who will listen:

Disk Birdfeeder
It's, well, for the birds.

For the friend with the house conducive to entertaining, who you always convince to host parties by letting him think that they're his idea:

Wine Glass Top Appetizer Plates
Holy hell, how did I not think of this? Now I'll have to
come up with a completely new idea on my way to
becoming rich and legendary. I'll get you for
this, Wine Glass Top Appetizer Plates!

For your tree-hugging Women's Studies professor:

Stainless Steel Compost Pail
This handy (and visually pleasing) number features odor-controlling charcoal
filters. Note:Pachouli-scented filters are not yet available for purchase.

For the avid reader:

The Nook from Barnes & Noble
Amazon's Kindle? That was sooooo 2008.

For your personal chef:

Useful Towel
Form and function? Me loves!

For your best friend's almost-born daughter, who will no doubt call you "auntie" and have you wrapped around her tiny, little, precious finger:

{Photo by Jessica McDougall}

Mimi's Shoes, written by Christine Tasche
and illustrated by a J. Crew designer
It's like a coffee table book for tots.

For that girl at the office that goes on and on about her "silly little quirks", like how she "just hates it when her food touches!":

Square Food Container
Your silly little quirk? Wanting to "accidentally" trip her as
she exits the break room clutching a freshly brewed cup of joe.

For your techie and hip younger brother, who considers his iPhone to be an extension of himself:

GelaSkins Mobile Art
While cool to look at, it's best feature is that it forces your
significant other to devise another excuse when scrolling
through your call history besides the ol' "I
thought this was my phone!" bit.

For yourself, the weary traveler:

Emelia Travel Set by Sofia Cashmere
Who cares if you're stuck in the middle seat as long as you
are completely encircled by cashmere, am I right?

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