August 14, 2009

Tell Me About It, Stud.

Back in 2005, when I was working as a retail buyer and couldn't attend a one-hour meeting without the phrase "fashion forward" rearing its ugly head about a bajillion times, I knew what was trendy. Hell, I lived trendy. In fact, given that we bought our Spring line way back during the previous summer, by the time a trend was actually trendy, I was usually over it.

Come to think of it, I'm now over the word "trendy". Moving on...

That was then. Now I wear pajamas to work on a daily basis and live in a town in which sporting footwear other than Dansko clogs or Birkenstock sandals is considered "dressing up". This means that keeping my closet current doesn't come as easily as it once did and I therefore may be a touch behind on grasping the pyramid stud trend. But, better late than never, eh?

Below are some killer looks featuring pyramid studs. As usual, I've featured items at a wide variety of price points - some of which are what I consider to be unattainably high - but all are meant to provide a general idea of the awesomeness that can be attained with a little metallic detailing.

1. Jimmy Choo Studded Heels (I can't find the price on these bad boys to save my life...)
2. Novella Royale Hudson Clutch ($444.00)
3. Dorothy Perkins Tan Stud Ring Hip Belt (SALE $12.00)
4. Forever 21 Rectangle Stud Earrings (SALE $3.80)
5. Alexander Wang Silk Stud Print Dress ($595.00)
6. Ettika Pyramid Ring ($33.00)
7. Michael Antonio Datya Flat Sandal ($32.45)
8. Roberto Cavalli Studded Messenger Bag ($2,169.00)
9. Anita Ko Gold Spike Earrings in Rose Gold ($315.00)
10. French Connection Leather Studded Clutch Bag ($128.00)
11. CC Skye Black and 18c Gold Plated One Stud Patent Cuff ($247.00)
12. Rue Du Mail Studded Crystal Shift Dress ($1,500.00)
13. Cara Couture Double Row Pyramid Stud Bracelet (48.00)
14. Charlotte Russe Studded Woven Platforms ($32.99)
15. Miss Selfridge Gold Stud Bikini (SALE $12.00)

UPDATE: Holy Mary Mother of God and all that is sacred, would you just look at these shoes! I want to take them out for dinner and a movie before inviting them back to my house for a nightcap where I'd accidentally say "I love you" too soon but they'd understand because, I mean come on, how could I not love them?

Who wants pointe shoes when you can sport these beauties?

Bona Drag Studded Ballet Slippers - also available in black ($48)

[Ballet Slippers from the always fashionable Jessica McDougall]

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