August 06, 2009

Mad for Mad Men

Am I the only one who is peeing-in-my-pants excited for the return of John Hamm on AMC's Mad Men? I'll admit I didn't really get into the show until the 2nd season, but now I can't seem to get enough of it... or John Hamm. Watching these men and women, many of whom are roughly my age, living and working in 1960's America is like peering through a magic window at my grandparents' generation in the prime of their lives. Of course, this "magic window" I speak of just so happens to look remarkably similar to my Toshiba television, but lets not get bogged down by the details.

The 3rd season of Mad Men - and, did I mention, John Hamm? - returns on Sunday, August 16th. Until then, follow my lead and waste some time creating a Mad Men caricature of yourself.

It's me, only oldtimier!

UPDATE: For a great behind-the-scenes look into the painstaking process of producing a show of this caliber, complete with amazing photos by Annie Leibovitz of Mad Men stars John Hamm and January Jones, click here.

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[Mad Men Yourself originally spotted on Taxidermy Church Wedding]

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