July 02, 2009

Today: The First of Many 29th Birf-days

I don't doubt that your initial thought this morning was how today is my birthday. Never one to claim the spotlight (huh?), I thought I should remind you that today is also Lindsay Lohan's birthday. Which makes this card unusually appropriate:

It must be an honor to have the same birthday as someone who accomplished so much more than you

I realize that some of you may find this card depressing, but I certainly don't. If anything, it's inspirational! Just think: even Miss Lohan - with a bit of hard work, a team of magicians, and a miracle or two - has a shot at equaling my accomplishments by the time she's reached my age! Though, I'd suggest she begin this transformation with the simple act of adding "underwear" to her list of must-haves.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

[Card found on someecards.com. Duh.]


  1. Happy berf-day, my love! Enjoy your presents that you picked out for yourself... via this blog.


  2. I love the gift that you sent me! Which, as you mentioned, I may or may not have heavily hinted at wanting via this blog. I also love YOU.

    But mainly I love the gift.