July 01, 2009


That's right, people. After months of silence and an untold amount of personal anguish suffered as a result of keeping a secret of this magnitude, I've hit my breaking point. I simply can't conceal the truth any longer...

I'm reading this:

[Image from DressDesignDecor]


I'm watching this:

[Image from Vanity Fair]

(and I really, really like them.)

I guess now the only things that separate me from the average teenage girl are my hips and the realization that boys whose names end in "y" are the best kind of trouble.*

* In all seriousness, a party filled with the people mentioned below would be the most ridiculous, talk-about-it-for-years-to-come party to ever take place in the history of the world. Don't believe me? Go befriend a guy named Bobby, buy him a few beers, and then we'll talk.

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