July 10, 2009

I'm Too Sexy For My...

Have you ever Googled your own name? Well, I just did and the first website to pop up was one titled "Sexy People". Okay, that didn't really happen. But it should have. Because after looking at the site, which serves to "celebrate the perfect portrait", I'm 100% positive I could be featured. Below are some choice offerings:

I guarantee you this kid's sister demanded a night light
the second this photo made it up on the hallway wall.

One word: Jealous.

Nobody puts Keyboard in the corner!

She sharted.

If I had to isolate the best part of this photo, I think
I'd have to go with the game of peek-a-boo being
played by the liner of her dark, shiny dance tights.
It's almost as if it's waving to the camera!

Now, if only I could find that 2nd grade picture in which I'm wearing an embellished sweat shirt and "pretending" to have dimples...

[All images from Sexy People]
[Website originally pimped on Auburn & Ivory]

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