July 09, 2009

Flutter, To The Rescue!

Am I the only person on this side of menopause that doesn't yet have an established presence on Twitter? It's probably the only online venture I haven't even considered embracing at this point. Though not for lack of narcissism... I mean, created a blog for crying out loud. No, the truth of it is, I just can't imagine adding one more online obligation to my already-packed Internet lineup of email, Facebook, RSS Feeds, Blogger, YouTube, and People.com. I just don't have the time. And this is coming from a girl whose only obligations are periodic dance-sessions with a misshapen furry thing and working 3 days a week. Honestly, how do you people with real jobs and families keep up with the virtual Joneses?

Personally, I don't think I'm alone in my need for simplicity. Consider this: Most celebrities use twitter. Most celebrities are also hospitalized for "exhaustion". Coincidence?

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