June 22, 2009

You Love Me! You REALLY Love Me!

To all those haters out there who said that I would never write a blog and that, if I did, no one would ever read it, I would like to take a moment to obnoxiously laugh in your face. I'm talking really obnoxiously. Probably something like this:

Why? Because PMK has a fan! That's right. An actual, living, breathing, human being who was willing to step up to the plate and list himself as a "fan" of this blog. And I didn't even have to pay him to do it! ...Yet.

Here's the scoop on my my #1 (and only... minor detail!) devoted fan: His name is "Teen", he lives in New York, and he has exceptional taste in online reading material. Actually, that's not entirely correct: I don't know his/her gender. Now I'll admit, there is a chance that his clicking the "become a fan" icon was some unfortunate error brought on by one of those swelteringly humid NYC summer days. If, say, he returned to his 300 square-foot efficiency apartment after climbing 12 flights of stairs only to realize that he'd forgotten to refill his ice cube tray since consuming the last nugget of frozen goodness the day before, it's only rational to assume that he would agree to anything that featured the word "fan". But whatever. Don't think, Teen, that I would love you any less if this were true. You are, and will always be, my blog's first fan and I promise to love you forever.

Though, realistically, I'll likely forget about you if this blog blows up and I start getting invited to more celebrity-packed parties than Perez. But there's only about a 60% chance of that even happening, so let's just cross that bridge when we get there, hmmm?


  1. Aimster...I object to "Teen" being your 1st fan and earning your love forever! I thought I earned that title 29 years ago (in 10 days)when you came into this world. If I had known how to proclaim my "fan-ship" via a blog earlier...I would have done so.

  2. My Dearest Mother,

    I'd be happy to dedicate my love to you forever! In exchange, I'll simply need you to publicly pronounce, once and for all, that I'm your favorite child. Not such a big deal, since it's SO obvious anyway...