February 29, 2012

Around the Web

A list of the Top 10 Enjoyably Pointless Twitter accounts

A smart little girl.  Watch out, Ogilvy. [Via]

Speaking of advertising, someone isn't getting paid enough because this is brilliant.

Mr. Ed as a teenager.

A fashionistas "Choose Your Own Adventure"

The truth about Zack Morris

The perfect present for future cinematographers

Speaking of movies, this is awesome and hysterical.  Or just awesical, if you're lazy.

The Official Mustache Crime Chart. Developed by an FBI Profiler, no doubt.

No one could top Adele, but these two come pretty darn close.

Neat idea.  I mean, it's not Post It Notes or anything, but it's still pretty brilliant.

An interesting article for single women who are looking for love.

A great article about how to talk to little girls. I'm now making an effort to change my own behavior!

NSFW, but VVF (very, very funny).

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