January 16, 2012

I'm back. Again.

I have no excuse for not posting for, like, a billion years.  Well, I have some excuses.  For example, I've been busy doing the following:

Helping Adam say goodbye to our classroom following our last Nurse Anesthesia School lecture

Traveling to Boston for the AANA Annual Meeting where I:
Addressed other SRNAs

Dressed up like a Mad Scientist (along with my fellow members of the AANA Education Committee) for the College Bowl, where my classmate, Anne Marie Sommerville, was on the winning team!

Participated in a 5K with my classmates

Passed my Student Representative duties on to the very capable Emma Bachelder (a Baptist SRNA herself!)

and quenched my thirst alongside my grad school buddies:

I then...
Graduated from Nurse Anesthesia School:

Where I was honored to receive the Chal Maree Award

Passed the board exam (!!) and moved to great state of:

Got hitched to the love of my  life:

Moved back to the even GREATER state of:

Began work as a full-fledged CRNA complete with amazingly gorgeous staff photo

Tried out for the Carolina Roller Girls roller derby team

And enjoyed TWO Christmases: The first with Brian's family and the other with my family, who we hosted at our house in NC.  It was totes fun.

So that's where I've been.  Life is pretty crazy right now with work, travelling to see Brian, and roller derby practice (I'm not joking about that last one... it's pretty intense) but I'll do my best to blog more consistently.  Thanks for sticking with me, folks. 

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