May 27, 2011

Around the Web

Color, as defined by the sexes. [Via]

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.  As it turns out, there is an 89% chance that my cat, Bubbles, is out to get me.  Good to know.

Are you wearing pants?  A self-check guide for hipsters. [Via]

Animal cruelty, brought to you by a crying German Shepherd[Via]

Back to the Future: A website dedicated to recreations of old photos.  The best is the one of the brothers in the bathtub! [Via]

Check out Moby's bangin' new digs. [Via]

Life inspired by art. [via]

Donald Glover's blog is dope.  You know, Donald Glover the actor.  The comedian.  The rapper.  All of the above.  [Thanks, B.]

Pigeons: More than just sky rats!

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