April 14, 2011

O'Fallon Township High School in da house!!

I loved high school.  Not so much that I'd ever want to relive it, mind you, but I have very fond memories that stem from that period of my life.  Blizzard.  Sneaking out after curfew.  Basketball tournaments.  Playing soccer under the lights.  Eating cinnamon rolls for lunch and not gaining weight.  Developing crushes on different boys every week.  Annoying my soccer teammates during practice by yelling the best cheer on the face of the earth:

"O!! O-F-A!! O-F-A-L-L-O-N O'Fallon all the wayyyyyyyy!!"

That one just never gets old.

Had we made a music video in the school while I was still a student, I'm sure that would be up there on the list of awesome memories too.  To all you current OTHS students out there: I am officially jealous.

OTHS Broadcast Club Lip Dub Music Video from OTHStoday.com on Vimeo.

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