February 27, 2011

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Muppets with people eyes.  The name kinda speaks for itself.  [via Brain]

You people know I have a thing for anatomy art.  Don't hate.  [Via Brain]

Are the current crop of Hollywood gentlemen suitors leaving you wanting more?  Fear not, Bangable Dudes in History is here to remind you of what you could have lusted after, were you born a long, long time ago.

I now want to move to L.A. just so I can move away.

Everything a man needs to know about, well, being a man[Thank you, my looooooove!]

RiDONKulous!  [Thanks again, Brain]

This letter, drafted by Hugh Laurie, makes me love the actor even more.  And that last line is freaking CLASSIC!

Weird science! [Via

Domino's Pizza, I now love you. [Via]

Ree and I have something in common. 

Comic Sans Criminal, "Helping people like you learn to use comic sans appropriately."

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