January 31, 2011

Around the Web

You are what you eat.

Speaking of food, here are some rules to live by.

Killer rendition of a Beatles tune played on a ukulele. 

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger: A short NSFW Nature Film [My man knows how to make the inappropriate appropriate]

The most useless machine ever.

All alone and can't find your phone?  The Internet is here to save the day!

Office artwork that reminds me of why I chose to never work in an office again.  Go me!

The shortest viral video known to man.

An interesting look at why we buy things.  (Which makes me like this site even more!)

A backstage pass to ballet rehearsals on Martha's Vinyard.  Le sigh.

Super cool ballet stills.  What?  I like ballet.

Wine on the cheap!

Photos in photos

This is the cutest thing ever.  No wait, this is.  Or is it this?  Awww, for Pete's sake...

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