January 05, 2011

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Funny video about a kid running away from home.  You too would run away if your folks named you "Magnus". [via]

The best history lesson ever.  Though I could do without the slight on Texas.  A state that is known for it's slow-cooked meat and is inhabited by men who prefer their jeans snug and their trucks big is my personal idea of heaven.

Mad props to nature!

Letters from Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are sure are tasty! [via]

Sorry dad, but I think this guy bested you and your Care Bear pancakes for best breakfast ever.  (Note: No worries, Big T, I have a hunch that your pancakes are far superior in the taste department!) [via]

The best stop-animation video to date.  "We won't fight unless we're provoked" is the most perfect line ever uttered by a seashell.. [via]

The Ballerina Project: Photos of ballerinas in and around New York City.  Part ouch.  All beautiful. [via]

You think that's a human tower?  THIS is a human tower! [via]

For the most part, I'd say that the vast majority of people are pretty neat, but I wouldn't go so far as to say they're awesome.  But every once in awhile, people surprise you. [via]

Click here.  But only if you are a millionaire or know someone who is.

Not sure what to buy for that person who likes to frighten the living bejeezus out of his or her fellow man?  Well fear not because Urban Outfitters has just the gift for that special someone!

Click here if you love Derrick Comedy!  If you don't love Derrick Comedy, well, we can't be friends. [via my college friend Anthony]

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