December 12, 2010

Amy's (Very Delayed) 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

I wasn't planning on doing a gift guide this year but then I thought, "oh, what the heck" and here we are.  The way I see it, just because I'm too broke to buy gifts shouldn't keep other people from expressing love through the purchasing of material goods.

For your brother, who's always weaseling his head in to someone's hands for a scratch.
Kikkerland Head Massager from Urban Outfitters - $6.00

 For your soon-to-be husbands awesomely nerdy, Ph.D.-acquiring best friend:
Nerd Power Buttons from Etsy - $11.00

For your dad who still offers to make his 30-year-old daughter pancakes from scratch on her visits home:
Pancake Pen from Williams-Sonoma - $9.95

For your best friend, whose daughter is learning to walk.
WTF Bandages from Urban Outfitters - $8.00

For your monetary minimalist friend who currently keeps his identification cards and cash together using a rubberband-and-black-clip contraption. 
The Fold by Leffot - $95.00

For your Midland, Texas born and bred friend, who is awaiting the arrival of his first child:
Texas State Teething Toy from Etsy - $12.00

For your mother who loves burning candles so much that she pretends to ignore her husband's incessant eye-rolling and comments regarding fire insurance: 
Soy Candle from Stark Waxing Studio - $24.00

For your sister, who kept Kraft in business during her high school and college years and still lists their infamous pasta product as one of her favorite meals:
Macaroni & Cheese T-shirt from Zazzle - $25.75

For your fiance, who you loves a good timepeice (and you):
Wood Wrist Watch from Tense - $137.55

For the loyal readers of your blog, who let you go on thinking that you're funny/interesting/cool/tolerable:
A Holiday Song Playlist handcrafted by Amy herself - $Priceless.

That's right folks, it's in the works!  Check back for a Christmas Music Spectacular including, but not limited to, the hunky Dean Martin seen above.


  1. ready for the Christmas play list!!!! anxiously awaiting :)

  2. Oh, it's a'coming, Ray... it's a'coming.

  3. you will have to introduce me to your "monetary minimalist friend" he/she sounds awesome.

  4. Dave, I'm bound and determined to find a superior money holder than the one you currently employ. Not because your makeshift money clip isn't awesome - it is. I actually love it and it looks good on you. I do this because, like any good anesthesia provider, I'm always searching for ways to improve upon our current methods.

    In other news do you think I can turn this comment in for extra credit?