November 07, 2010

Around the Web

Interesting facts

Awesome video.  I finally figured it out about a quarter of the way through and, after it ended, I immediately proceeded to watch the first 25% all over again to see what I missed the 1st time. [Via Brain's best friend, Joe]

My travel goal.

This is a spider web.  This is a spider web on drugs.

A neat coast-to-coast travel video with an even neater behind-the-scenes video.  These are "must-see"s, people!

Fresh meat.  No, seriously. [via]

A really great song centered around a really bad word.  The really good part outweighs the really bad part though.  Trust.

Gunpowder Artwork. [via]

An aspiring photographer's dream website.  Click on a photo and prepare to get your learn on.  [Via Brain]

Is it wrong that after watching this, the movie I most wanted to re-watch was High School Musical?  That was rhetorical, BRAIN. [Via my lame friend, Gabe]

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