October 17, 2010

For My Peeps

My married friends, Dave and Rachel, are like my siblings.  I take care of their dog, Laurel, when they're out of town.  Ray is my workout buddy.  Dave is the guy I call when my car breaks down.  I've known Dave since our first days of nursing school at UNC in 2006.  Since then, we've worked in neighboring ICUs and reunited for graduate school in Winston-Salem.  Rachel is finishing up the last leg of her physical therapy doctorate work.    Needless to say, we have a lot in common.

One thing the three of us love is a good documentary.  I found this list of great "docu's" on A Cup of Jo and had to pass it along.  I've seen Surf Wise, Food Inc., and Man on Wire, and all are great films.  My favorite documentary, The Business of Being Born, while not on the following list, is also a must see.  (As is The Cove, my second favorite documentary.)  I'm looking forward to adding the rest of these suckers to my Netflix queue!  A list which, by the way, also includes the following: The Fog of War, Earth, The Botany of Desire, Picture Me, Waiting for Superman, Inside Job, Frontline: Sick Around America, and Frontline: Sick Around the World.  In case you were wondering.

As avid cyclists and triathletes, I thought Dave and Ray would also appreciate the following video of a street in the Netherlands, a country where 1/3 of residents bike to work.  I wonder if people driving cars there yell at the cyclists to share the road?

[Bike rush hour from A Cup of Jo]


  1. Dude! you hit the jack-pot with that doc-u find. many of those will be going on my que. Also, loved the bicycle rush hour video, it's so different than the states. So many folks "livin' the dream."

  2. You really need to watch "Trekkies" - another really great documentary!