August 15, 2010

We Won!

The Baptist Nurse Anesthesia Program is officially taking over the world!  (...well, maybe not the world, but we're taking over the AANA, anyway.)  Seriously, the only way we could have had more success in Seattle is if we walked around the convention center wearing flannel shirts and unlaced leather combat boots.  See below for evidence.

Photo courtesy of John Fetcho via AANA Daily 

Class of 2011 student Dave Dirito finished 2nd overall with a time of 20:06 minutes at the annual AANA Wake-up Walk/Run for Wellness 5k, and our new clinical coordinator Joanne Donnelly finished 3rd in the women's division with a time of 23:33 minutes.  I was also a very strong competitor with a time of... can't... finish... sentence... must... stop... to... breathe...

College Bowl

Our very own Laura Niday was kind enough to lend her brain to the winning team at this year's Annual College Bowl competition.  Though I nearly lost my voice (and thus almost made my boyfriend and his ears very, very happy) cheering for Laura and her team, this event was one of my favorite activities at this year's meeting.  Way to represent, Niday!

My peeps!
Photo courtesy of AANA Convention Daily 2010

Myself and Chris Leger, the outgoing Student Representative
Photo courtesy of Wheeler Commercial Photography via AANA Daily

And finally, thanks to all the help of my classmates and support from my administrators, family, and friends, I won the election to become the next Student Representative to the Education Committee!  On his own volition, Dave (of the above mentioned 5k fame) videotaped my campaign and acceptance speeches on his phone.  Thanks to a lot of time spent editing (and, as you will see, goofing around), Dave was able to make a copy of both missives available for the blog.  The good news for Dave is that everyone will soon think he is a computer genius.  The bad news is that those very same people will soon start hitting him up for computer repairs.  Sorry Dave, success is a double-edged sword!

Note that after my name is announced, Dave turns to Adam and
states that he can't feel his legs.  That is, by far, my favorite part of
the video and, quite possibly, my favorite part of the entire week.

Thanks, guys, for all of your support!  I'll be posting some of our photos from our week in Seattle as soon as possible, so stay tuned...

(Sorry guys, this is another double-post from my anesthesia blog... that or I need to get my eyesight checked.)

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