July 26, 2010

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Playlists by mood.

Ever wondered what sort of people live in the pages of your Pottery Barn catalogs?  Now you know.  (Thanks for the heads up on this one, Ryan!)

Advice to live by.

Someone had to tell those Disney kids what's up, might as well be Madatoms!

If College Humour doesn't want to make you forgo Cochella (or whatever music festival you religiously attend) indefinitely, I don't know what will.

A recipe site designed with sailors in mind.

Just when I think I want to punch Twitter in the virtual face for existing, someone goes and works some Twitter magic.  Childhood: welcome to 2010.

One of the most hilarious blog posts I've ever read.

Great animation combined with a super engaging and interesting message: Check this out.

Photos taken from within waves.  My brother, Colin, has always loved the ocean and will be mesmerized by these!  He's also totally rad.  If you want to be rad like Colin, you should click on the link and be mesmerized too!

[From Brain, Ryan, La Vie Boston]

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