April 10, 2010

Easter Brunch

My pal/classmate Dave and his wife, Rachel, invited a few of us over to their house on Easter Sunday for brunch.  Ray whipped up the perfect meal, which we enjoyed while sipping mimosas on their screened-in porch and discussing ideas for potential group trips to take place over the coming year.  We then took advantage of the gorgeous weather by stepping outside for a game of fetch with Laurel, Dave and Ray's boxer, and a walk around the neighborhood.   It was such a relaxing and revitalizing afternoon, and not just because I ate something other than Thai take-out for the first time in what feels like forever.  Though, let's be honest, that doesn't hurt things.

 Myself, Laura, Dave, Glen, and Kathryn

Laura, Kathryn, and Ray check out information on a house for sale.
Too bad we're all about a kajillion dollars in debt at this point!

Laurel's tired... but not too tired to shoot
the cameraman a wink, apparently!


  1. Love it Amy! Was such a perfect day!! That camera takes SUCH nice photos!!!

  2. Thanks again for having us all over, Rachel! That day was one of the highlights of my time so far in Winston-Salem. I literally left your house re-energized... like I'd just returned home from a weekend at the beach.

    The offer still stands: anytime you want to go out and practice with the camera, just let me know! It would be a blasty.