April 02, 2010

And Here I Thought Reality TV Was Corrupting America...

... But I was wrong.  All this time, it was Martha Stewart.  And her stripper pole.*

(You can re-read that last sentence all you want.  It was, I'm very very saddened to say, not a typo.)

Is it wrong to wish for early onset Alzheimer's Syndrome?  Because I would pretty much do anything at this point to forget the last 42 seconds of my otherwise kick-ass life.

* I realize that "Martha Stewart" and "stripper pole" aren't terms you'd normally expect to find in close proximity to one another.  However, "Martha Stewart" and "ex-convict" are very much related entities, as are "ex-convict" and "stripper pole".  So in a "six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon" kind of way, the above video clip makes perfect sense.

[Video from I Suwannee.  I'll get you for this!]

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