March 03, 2010

Brain Teasers

B left for Iraq on Monday (I just received word that he made it there safely!) and, while he's deployed, I try to send him a care package a week.  He'll be gone for 9-10 months so, well, you do the math.  Knowing this, I try to purchase little things for him throughout the year so I'll have a stockpile of goodies ready to be shipped when the time comes.

I recently saw this post and really want to buy both of the following:

Not only are these kicks totally badass, they're also Asics.
A brand which both Brain and I adore.

My techie boyfriend is deployed to Iraq.  Need I say more?

Too bad this poor college kid doesn't have an easy $115 bones to drop on small, feel-good gifts.  Maybe someday...

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