January 09, 2010

Mommy Dearest

This post is dedicated to my darling mother, Peggy.  Or "The Pegster", as she is now known.  (Note: she is also called "Josephine" or "Josie" by my younger brother, who christened her with the random moniker in the 8th grade after she told him that he was too young to be calling his mother by her first name like my sister, myself, and our high school friends had begun to do at the time.  Classic!)

While home in Virginia over the Thanksgiving holiday, I convinced my mother to watch the first 4 episodes of the television show "Glee" with me.  (I'd already seen the entire first season, but knew she would love it and was more than willing to watch it again.)  Fast forward a few weeks to my trip home for Christmas.  Do you think we watched football?  No.  The Pegster had effectively commandeered the television set to ensure that everyone watched "Glee".  And they were going to like it, gosh darn it!  I love my mom.

Anyhoo, one of the episodes features "mashups", which is when two or more songs are seamlessly combined to form one big awesome version.  Well, I immediately thought of Glee when I heard some of the mashups created by DJ Earworm.  for the past three years, he's created a mashup of Billboard's top 25 songs for that year.  The following is the mashup he created for 2009:

[Click here for DJ Earworm's 2008 and 2007 mashups]

I'm also a big fan of his Tom Petty/Beyonce mashup:

The only thing missing is a dance number performed by Mr. Schu... swoon!

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