December 01, 2009

Miss Piggy Is My Hero

I feel bad for kids nowadays. Not because of increased violence in schools or childhood obesity - though they're not helping the situation. No, I pity them because the memories of their youth are going to be overrun with visions of Bratz dolls and Miley Cyrus. I, on the other hand, grew up with the likes of My Buddy and The Muppets.

Winner: Me.

Let's see Miley top this masterpiece!

The Muppets have always been - and will always be - the epitome of cool. Especially that Miss Piggy. Any girl born between 1970-1980 who denies wanting to be Miss Piggy at some point in her life simply cannot be trusted.

That being said, I wonder if Brain would mind if I began referring to him as "Kermie"?

It seems to be working for them.

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