October 26, 2009

Picture Perfect

After touting the talents of random strangers, I realized that I haven't yet given online props to my own friends... Silly moi!

My buddy Ryan (of Jordan Lake fame) is an avid photographer.* Before beginning anesthesia school this fall (he is in a similar program to mine, located in Raleigh), Ryan set out on a month-long expedition across the country in search of the perfect photograph. Mission: Accomplished.  Luckily for us, he created an online journal to chronicle the experience and to display some of his works for friends and family to admire.

In addition, Brain, who is also a fan of the camera, reconnected with his inner Ansel Adams while on his last deployment in Iraq.  Below are my two favorite photos!

You think that's a gun?  ...THIS is a gun!

Sorry, ladies.  Seat's Justin's taken.

If I didn't want to take up photography before, well...

*Funny story: While at Jordan lake, Ryan realized that he forgot to bring his camera with him to take photos of the day. I reassured him that he needn't worry, as I had my small digital camera on hand. I was a hero! It wasn't until the next day that it dawned on me: I don't think my point-and-shoot camera or novice photo-taking skills gave him the peace of mind I was going for.

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