September 07, 2009

Carolina On My Mind

 My good buddy, Matt, and I on my last day of work

I finally cut ties with Chapel Hill on Saturday after returning for one final day of work on my old unit.  You see, while I officially began full time classes on August 17th, my manager allowed me to use some accumulated vacation time to cover my absence during the first few weeks of school.  Hospital employees are required to work on their final date of service, however, hence me being scheduled for a random shift.  While it was nice to close that chapter of my life, it's finally sinking in that my days in Chapel Hill have come to an end.  Here are just a smattering of the many things I'll miss from my time spent in that amazing town.

 My Pizza Joint
A slice of Pepper's Pizza, topped with North Carolina BBQ, cole 
slaw, red onion, and tabasco sauce.  It's no Anna Maria's, but I
suffered through it anyway. I'm a real hometown hero!

Oh Anna Maria's, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  One, your Monday special - consisting of a large cheese pizza for the value price of $5.99 - kept me satiated throughout the past 3 years.  Two, you employ Alfredo, who was always kind, quick with a story, and truly interested in my day.  He definitely earned the title of "fake husband with the heavy Italian accent"... and not just because he treated me to a free soda and reduced meal price every time I walked through the door.  Three, you weren't afraid to break a few rules, especially really dumb ones like "No outside alcoholic beverages allowed".  (That Margarita bucket sure hit the spot!)
Look, Alfredo and I match! 
It's like he's meant to be my pizza guy or something!

Have no fear, Alfredo.  Monday night will always be pizza night.

Trader Joe's
Are you sitting down right now, because I am about to drop a bombshell here: Winston-Salem?  Yeah, THEY DON'T HAVE A TRADER JOE'S.  This unfortunate turn of events has sent me into a near panic because my love for that store is beyond unhealthy.  I mean, really, can you blame me?  Their frozen foods can't be topped and don't even get me started on their potato chips (with ridges, por favor), chocolate mousse pudding (in the yogurt section), and pizza dough (here's my favorite pizza recipe... try it, you'll like it).  And I don't think I even need to discuss the joys that a bottle of $3 Buck Chuck has given me at the end of many a stressful day.  I love this warehouse of goodness so much that, when I first laid eyes on the following video, my only thought was "why didn't I think to write and perform a personal homage to TJ?"

My Sewing Class

Oh man, am I going to miss sewing with the ladies at Mulberry Silks and Fine Fabrics every Thursday afternoon.  I learned so much about the art of sewing, and I can't wait to pick it back up once I'm finished with school.

The Gang
(L-R) Susanna, Rachel, myself, John, Claire,
& Matt (poor Dave isn't pictured)

Our greatest hits include:

Buddy shots at Spanky's on Franklin Street with Matt (a bartender at the time) acting as official referee.
(L-R) Claire, Dave, myself, & Perdoni

Consuming Half-priced sushi and martinis on Thursday nights with Claire at Spice Street.

Dave calling Rachel, Claire, and I his "Army of Skanks" all night following a group viewing of Mean Girls.
Dave with his AOS

Claire and John's first (and only) annual Halloween Party. where I was robbed of the title of Best Costume by "The Dude".

 Myself, dressed as Violet Incredible with
one of my besties, Sara, as Angelina Jolie

The amazing tree outside my apartment window:

Our first nursing school party, where an intoxicated Claire cut Dave's hair, a guy whom she barely knew at the time.

Dave's new haircut would like to propose a toast...

Boating on Jordan Lake with Claire, John, and Ryan
Claire and me, soaking up some sun on Ryan's boat

Brain Bowl: Claire doles out random questions while her husband, John, and I engage in a battle of knowledge to see who can brazenly yell out the correct answer first.  The game was first conceived the night Claire and I overstayed our welcome at Spice Street, walked home, and proceeded to wake up John by giggling uncontrollably and jumping on the bed in which he was comfortably sleeping just moments earlier

John, myself, and Claire.  Man, I'm cute...
Oh, um, I'm sorry! It appears I got distracted! 

Pre-gaming with pancakes and mimosas at John's house before a UNC football game.  (Word of caution: On mimosa day, don't store your cheap champagne next to the expensive bottle your brother intends to consume with his fiancee at their upcoming wedding reception.  Well, at least don't do that when Brain's around.)
 Brain and I, cheering my Tars Heels
on to a victory against NC State

Thanks for the memories, Chapel Thrill.  You've been a rockin' place to live.  In the words of my buddy, Matt Crusinberry, "I laow you!"

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