July 26, 2009

Music To My Ears

Meet Melody Gardot. She's 24 years old, beautiful, and an amazingly talented jazz musician. In fact, if I didn't like her so much, I'd hate her. (It's a girl thing.)

The only thing more interesting than her music is her backstory: according to Wikipedia, Melody Gardot was severely injured at the age of 19 when a car struck the bike she was riding. A pianist, Gardot's musical training made her a prime candidate for music therapy, which has been shown to redefine neural pathways and aids cognitive repairment. To this day she requires the use of a cane to walk, sits during performances, and remains highly sensitive to both light and sound. The accident did, however, lead to her taking up the guitar, as her broken pelvis left her unable to sit at the piano. The music that she wrote during this time later comprised her first album.

Some of my favorite songs are below. Go ahead - pour yourself an Old Fashioned, light a cigar, lean back, and enjoy...

Baby I'm a Fool

Your Heart Is As Black As Night

Who Will Comfort Me

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

[Melody Gardot first discovered at I Suwannee]

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