May 19, 2009

Let The Lunacy Commence!

People ask me why I decided to write a blog. Some believe that I did so merely to entertain the masses. Others are convinced that my contributions to Al Gore's Internet will one day lead to world peace. Still more contend that my written words, when read aloud, instantly soothe crying babies.

Though all are valid reasons, the answer is much simpler than those mentioned above: I'm effing BORED.

Now, before you go on and on about how I should spend my time getting involved in my community and what-not, you should know that this is a highly temporary situation. I'm to begin graduate school this fall, at which point my to-do list will be of the "holy hell" variety. Furthermore, my boyfriend (lets refer to the little smarty-pants as "Brain" for the purposes of this blog, shall we?) is off gallivanting along a giant waterless beach only until July, courtesy of Uncle Sam. Fortunately, my pin-headed cat, Bubbles, keeps me company by continuously getting fatter and pretending to not notice my disgusted facial expressions whenever she licks her no-no spot.

More on these topics at a later date. Get excited!

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